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Simon Illa - tracking identity A Memoir by Brad Gilbert

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Image of Simon Illa - tracking identity A Memoir by Brad Gilbert

From being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bone Disease) in 1976, Brad Gilbert experienced a series of events which has propelled him to personal and professional success. Witnessing the murder of his mother at the age of three, enduring a childhood of broken bones and constant domestic unrest, Brad was unknowingly on a path to realize his personal potential despite the limitations that most would have placed on him. At the age of 14, his father would gift Brad an in-studio recording documentary that would direct Brad's life and career path.

Against most expectations, Brad found his independence in college and graduated while enduring more broken bones and the suicide of his father. Driven once again, he set out to use the events in his life to fuel his dream to become a record producer. Producing nearly two dozen independent records fresh out of college, Brad was gaining momentum. Although the indie record label failed, Brad (who then was dubbed with the name Simon Illa) set his sights on bigger and better.

After moving to the east coast from rural Illinois, the now Simon Illa, rapidly gained notoriety and at one point was dubbed "Philadelphia's Hottest Producer" by Blender Magazine. Artists and magazines began flocking to Simon from all angles as did encounters with adversity. Being overbooked and back to back flights and busy travel schedules, Simon began realizing his dreams.

Mastering his physical and business challenges, Simon began to observe and contend with personal challenges related to love and relationships. All the while, his career growing, Simon relocated, once again, to Atlanta where he currently resides. This is where he wrote this memoir.

"After so many years of friends, family and artists told me I should write a book... in true artist fashion, I procrastinated. After some very deep personal experiences over the past few years, I was finally compelled to dig in and write this, my first book..."